Filby Parish Council

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A Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared, for Filby, which will help to influence future development of our parish. Your views on the pre-submission draft of our Neighbourhood Plan are sought. This will be accomplished via a local survey. The questions asked will seek your feedback on each individual policy within the plan.


The plan is available for download below, in hard copy from Filby Post Office or by contacting Adrian on 01493 369250. The plan is around 40 pages and contains all the detail and context to the policies.


The survey may be completed, on line, at


A hard copy survey is also available for download, below. It outlines means by which the survey can be returned.


Survey forms must be returned before 20th September 2020.


Information given on the survey form will be used to help prepare the final Filby Neighbourhood Plan for examination. Please be aware that the forms will be shared with the Parish Council’s Planning Consultants and your comments may be made publicly available, for example, if a challenge is made regarding the validity of responses.




Filby Neighbourhood Plan


Public Consulation on the Draft Plan


27th July to 20th September 2020